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Ambassador Sanders says the core of the book's message is about development and the key role that Africa small businesses have and are playing as they are one of the keys to the region's forward progress on job creation, trade, manufacturing, and expanding the middle class. Sanders’ credits the determination of Africa’s SMEs to step into some of the voids left by 40 years of post-independence development efforts that had little impact on overall poverty reduction and job creation in the region. Sanders' perspective is that donors took note of the efforts of African Generation Xers and Millennials and have stepped up significantly to expand support and training to Africa's SMEs. “SMEs have helped drive economic growth and aided in increasing the size of the Continent’s middle class,” Sanders says. The book also has recommendations on what more donors, the African Union, African Governments, the United Nations, and the new U.S. Administration can do to further assist Africa SMEs. There is also an extensive chapter discussion on China – called the China Factor - on what it is doing in the Africa SME sector, such as the big pluses like special economic zones, the potential role of the New Development Bank, how China can help even more as the world’s current net credit lending country; Sanders' also points out some things on which China can do better.

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